KSM is Back: Ghana’s Master of Laughter – Live at National Theatre – May 3

If you, like me, are frustrated with the endless list of ills besetting the nation, what better remedy than a night this weekend with Ghana’s undisputed king of satire and stand-up comedy Kwaku Sintim-Misa, popularly known as KSM?
For a hard-hitting show with plenty of laughs don’t miss KSM’s latest offering as he turns the spotlight on Ghanaian men. “Confessions Of A Ghana Man ” is the sequel to last year’s “Secrets of GH Girls” which focused on the love lives and man-grabbing tactics of Ghanaian women. Saturday’s show promises to bring more laughs,  fist pumps and cheers as KSM presents his expose of Ghanaian men with his trademark wit. For the first time, the actor said in an interview this week, he is being directed by his sister – Anima Misa Amoah – herself a renowned actress.
KSM is  a radio presenter, writer, producer and film maker whose one-man comedy acts touch on Ghana’s key social, economic and political issues, making him a household name. His shows, liberally laced  with  satire and farce, have earned him a huge following, especially among middle-class and university-educated Ghanaians.
Reviews of his last show show on Ghana girls described it as “hilarious” and “captivating.” I  remember laughing so hard I had to be forcibly silenced during a Christmas Day day special show of “Chemical Interrogation” a few years ago. Ghana’s former president Jerry John Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu, who were in the house that night, are among his biggest fans.
Here is an official list of Do’s and Don’t about this weekend’s show from KSM’s official Facebook page  “in the interest of your own health and safety”:
1/ Bring a hanky to wipe away tears of laughter from your eyes
2/ Bring another person to hold on to, in case you fall over laughing
1/ Do not bring your brain – you will not need it.
2/ Do not bring a serious attitude – it will be stifled and crushed.
I’m really looking forward to KSM’s laughter therapy this weekend. See you there.
Click KSM’s FB page for more details.

About Amba

Amba is a Ghanaian journalist and media consultant who has lived and worked for more than a decade in four continents including Asia. She is currently “back home” and loves to blog about art, literature and the performing arts in her homeland. Amba acts as Creative Director for Sankusem Ghana, an NGO founded by Ghanaian concert pianist and musician George Francois.
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